Proposed Projects Purpose Date 
Budget Focal Person Remarks
1. For the Community Financial Assistance to 10 Top Students
who poor but deserving, for processing of papers and scholarship applications
Day on
28, 2012
Actual disbursement was P500 at 10 students = P5,000
and Christine
I met Alberta @ school on Feb 6, discussed the project with Maam F. Cosmiano, the Asst Principal, and Maam P. Tejano and Sir M. Lozada
2. For the Classmate(s) To extend financial assistance to few
selected classmates.
May 2012 P6,000 Jocelyn Panduyos,
Dayo and
We look at 2 classmates needing cash for their personal endeavor or has a student
needing help for studies.
4. For the School -Laboratory To furnish kitchen utensils, equipments and furnitures to the 1st Year TLE Lab of JPENHS, under Christine Uriarte-AuzaMay 2012P30,000
Jojean in Davao is doing the canvass. Larry and Maridel are requested to assist. 
Melisa Torrico & Christine U. AuzaThose classmates interested to give items of same type maybe inluded, pls contact the two.
5. Silver Jubilee Opening ProgramTo Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of GraduationMarch 31, 2012P2,000
Actual allocated fund was P3,000
Ramil Sanchez, Jocelyn. Panduyos, Alberta Mantalaba-Belaong and Estella Ramirez-CuarteroRefreshment will be served. Invited are former teachers still on duty, the admin, selected staff and student writers.
6. For the School - Website and
    ICT Applications
The Website is already up, still on going construction.
To create a better school website,
more ICT applications and to enable
greater collaboration between and
among stakeholders. Trainings for
administrators,  teachers and
selected students
Launching and Turn-over on
March 31,
P 2,500 for the website
An initial amount of US$21 was spent for the 2-year period registration.

P 3,000 for trainings
Additional amount is needed for the purchase of a desktop to be dedicated to digitizing, encoding and maintaining the website. 
Desktop computer - P20,000
Scanner - P4,000

Ramil Sanchez
Alwin Montero
We have sent to Maam Imelda Falcon our proposal, for , using free technologies like Google Apps, Blogger, etc.

Selected Hillcrest staff, along with their adviser, will be trained so that by June 2012 Hillcrest will have an electronic and online version using free services.
7. For the Teachers Tribute to teachers during Gala NightMay 2012 P 3,000 Catherine Ramos,

We are still looking for souvenir items. Please suggest. Any in-kind give aways are welcome too!
8. For the Library To donate references and books
to the library. 
June 2012 P 7,000
Books worth P7,000+ 
already turned over on March 31, 2012. Librarian requested for additional books , mostly dictionaries, including English-Filipino dictionary. Also we can donate our books at home, pls bring them in May 2012.
Individual book donations are encouraged. Alberta was requested to see the School Librarian, maam Cordenelio, for the lists which we may be used as basis for the donations.